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Soluções e Serviços 

Nós ajudamos a sua organização a realizar a quebra de monolíticos e conversão dos mesmos para o mundo Cloud-Native, onde é possível trazer uma incrível agilidade e precisão de entrega, por trazermos também embarcado práticas ágeis, DevOps, DevSecOps etc.

Cloud-Native API Integration

​We assist your organization in transitioning from monolithic architectures to the dynamic world of Cloud-Native solutions, a change that can foster incredible agility and precise delivery. Along with this transformation, we integrate agile methodologies and implement DevOps and DevSecOps practices for enhanced productivity and security.

Modernizing applications to the cloud-native model brings many benefits to companies and organizations. First, the use of cloud-native technologies such as containers and their orchestrators, allowing applications to be more scalable and flexible, allowing the IT infrastructure to keep up with business demands in a more agile and efficient way.

In addition, the adoption of the cloud-native model can lead to a significant reduction in operating costs, as the cloud infrastructure is highly automated and offers greater efficiency in terms of infrastructure maintenance and management.

Another important benefit is the greater security and resilience that cloud-native applications can offer, as they were designed to deal with failures and interruptions more effectively, ensuring service continuity even in high-stress situations or unexpected failures.

Integrations and APIs Factory

Our system integration and API development factory model is an organized, standardized approach to building, maintaining, and supporting integrations and APIs. This model should involve using tools, processes and best practices to ensure that integrations are developed efficiently, with quality and security.

Some important characteristics of an integration development factory model include:

  1. Standard architecture:using a standardized architecture for integrations allows developers to have a consistent base to work on, reducing errors and inconsistencies.

  2. Component reuse: reusing existing integration components and modules helps speed the development of new integrations and ensures that integrations are built to consistent standards.

  3. Automated tests: implementing automated tests to validate the integrations and APIs ensures that the software is built with quality and that it works as expected.

  4. Monitoring and alerts:constant monitoring of integrations and APIs in production allows the support team to quickly detect issues and resolve them before they affect end users.

  5. Complete documentation:Complete documentation of integrations and APIs is essential to make systems easier to maintain and understand. Documentation should include information about how integrations work, limitations, and possible known issues.




Monitoring and



APIs Methodologies 

With the aim of bringing the business areas closer to technical deliveries, we bring and adapt methodologies to make it possible to: List, prioritize, design, understand the benefits of the deliveries of an APIs and Integrations initiative.


check outsome methodological practices for designing and building APIs. 


Strangling Pattern 

We created a legacy modernization practice using the time-honored microservices pattern: Strangling Pattern. Our methodology:RNC (Re-engineering New Components) ensures that companies can modernize their applications keeping all systems connected to legacy resources for a while, and that gradually the components are migrated so that no trauma is perceived in the organization. 

API Gateways and API Managers

​ According to your API initiative, you can choose an API Gateway or API Manager solution, our team is able to support the selection, adoption, training, development, implementation and maintenance of numerous solutions and market products.
We support open-source products and solutions, as well as proprietary solutions (on-premise/cloud), providing the insights so that our customers can define what best fits their solution journeys. 

We are official distributors of API GatewayKrakenD Enterprise, acting in training, consulting and also in the marketing of subscriptions. 

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