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KrakenD is a  Distributed, stateless, high-performance API Gateway that helps microservices adoption

Much more than a typical proxy that forwards calls to back-end services, but a powerful engine that can transform, aggregate, or remove data from your own or third-party services.


KrakenD also implements the patternsBackend for Frontend It ismicro-frontendsto eliminate the need to deal with multiple REST services, isolating clients from microservice implementation details.

Enterprise Subscription Marketing

Skalena can be the reseller to market the enterprise licenses of KrakenD SRL (Spain), for this, consult the most current price list from our commercial team. 

As an extra component of KrakenD's Enterprise licenses, we offer a level 1 and 2 support channel, to answer questions in Portuguese and interact with the KrakenD Engineering team. 

The customer can select Skalena's Support items, which can cover, in addition to KrakenD, other components such as Keycloak, and even other solutions available in our customers' technology park.


Considered the fastest
API Gateway in the world

Skalena's KrakenD Portfolio 

Check out the services, solutions and how we can help
your organization in the best use of KrakenD API Gateway

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If the client needs an implementation and training scenario together with knowledge transfer, we can select the subjects and themes, and we implement it together with the clients, at the same time that the participants will learn from our team. 

Shared office

KrakenD DevOps Configurations and Pipelines

Dedicated team to create APIs, Docker containers and KrakenD configurations to expose client APIs. In addition to configurations of complementary components to KrakenD, among them: 

  • keycloak

  • Auth0 

  • cognito

  • kafka

  • RabbitMQ

  • Grafana

  • Etc

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Development of Backends/APIs to be exposed on KrakenD

Teams distributed in several development stacks to deliver backends, APIs, within a methodology of high quality criteria, which encompass the construction of Swagger/OAS contracts, quality audit score of contracts, and the entire DevSecOps process for APIs . 

KrakenD Fundamentals

  1. Exposing Existing Endpoints with KrakenD 

  2. KrakenD Designer Online

  3. KrakenD Configuration File

  4. Installing and running KrakenD binary and docker

  5. Working with Parameters:

    1. URI

    2. Query Params

  6. Response handling 

    1. BFF - Merge Endpoints

    2. Return Operations

  7. Sending Headers to Endpoints

  8. Transforming Data

    1. Aggregation 

    2. Deny 

    3. Remove

  9. Asynchronous Processing and Messaging with KrakenD

    1. Publication and Consumption of Messages

  10. KrakenD Authentication and Validation with OAuth2 Providers (Keycloak)

  11. Integrating data with Grafana

  12. Environment variables

  13. Multi-Config Files

  14. Multi-Config Files with Docker

  15. Best Practices for Deployment


  • Basic knowledge of HTTP processing

  • Backend/API calls 

  • JSON files

  • Basic Unix, Linux Commands

included in

  • Material: Video of Classes recorded for the client, PDF of material, examples and Labs


  • Up to 16 hours of training

  • Minimum 5 students


Values under consultation

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