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Now is already past in a world

where Realtime Analytics is 


WSO2 Stream Processor

WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source and cloudnative streams processing platform that understands SQL as a way to capture, analyze, process and act in response to real time events. Facilitating real time streaming analytics and data integration streaming. With the powerful SQL streaming language, a simplified deployment, and the ability to quickly change, companies can have a much faster go-to-market and higher ROI. Unlike other offerings, the WSO2 SP offers a deployment in a simple 2-node model for high availability and with scalability at high levels to achieve intense and high processing loads.















WSO2 Stream Processor architecture and how it interacts with a world of analytical possibilities

Real-time analytics and streams


Access here the booklet that outlines the solutions summary with WSO2 Stream Processor.

Demonstration with ETL in Real-time with the WSO2 Stream Processor

In this video we present a demonstration of how the WSO2 Stream Processor can be used for real time ETL processing together with Confluent's KAFKA enterprise distribution. Watch the demonstration here:

Infinite possibilities of using Analytics

The applicability use cases of the WSO2 Stream Processor are the widest possible with regard to real time analytics, among the list of possibilities we can enumerate:

  • Processing and correlating of actions and products' events and  WSO2 platform in production, aiming to predict behaviors and reacting to them in real-time

  • Processing of LOGs that can simultaneously collaborate with the ELK package (Elastic)

  • Processing events from Hadoop data repositories

  • Processing data from IoT devices using low latency protocols such as MQTT

  • Monitor real-time business events

  • Real-Time Fraud Detection

  • Detection of Behavior and consumption pattern in an e-commerce or even physical store with cameras integration

  • Vehicle fleet percussion monitoring - shifting, abrupt stops, recommendations for alternative routes, alarms

  • User Experience Detection (Access to support channels, interaction with social networks etc)

  • Business Telemetry

  • API available to integrate with any market software and hardware solution


​Want more than using the WSO2 Stream Processor?

  • See our services also focused on the Hadoop Ecosystem (Hortonworks, MapR e Cloudera) as well as the corporate and supported use of Kafka with Confluent's Enterprise distribution.  

  • Customized solutions for Big Data, Analytics and High Performance Processing needs.

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