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WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server is the platform to enable aspects of authentication and cybersecurity in companies that seek to draw digital journeys, the main use cases and solutions that this platform covers are:

  • SSO - Single Sign On 

  • ​Federation of User Repositories (Databases, Active Directory, LDAP, and custom)

  • ​Access control

  • Adaptive Authentication 

  • APIs Security and Microservices

  • BYOI - Bring your Own Identity 

  • Sociais Logins

  • OpenID support

  • SAML and Oauth2 Authentication Provider

  • And many other features










WSO2 Identity server architecture

Identity and access management

Success Stories and Solutions

We help organizations deliver new digital channels of communication with partners, customers, and the entire developer market. Our methodology starts from very high productivity, reuse of all our expertise that has been working on API projects since 2013.


More than 4 Million Managed Identities for citizens, companies and businesses in the United Arab Emirates.


Educacional Group with more than 200 thousand identities managed throughout Latin America in more than 20 universities at a cost of less than $ 0.37 in the first year.


WEST one of the largest companies in the segment in the US, uses the WSO2 Identity platform to improve the experience of its customers.

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