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WSO2 API Manager was ranked as the leader in the Forrester Wave report, discover how we can support your organization to bring an agile and efficient solution with the experience of the pioneers in WSO2 in Latin America.

Download the report directly from the WSO2 website.

WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager allow companies to develop their API strategies and initiatives in a fast, agile, and highly ROI-driven way with other

market solutions.

Looking to release an API Manager RFI in the Market?

If you need help in setting up an API Management solution, download our RFI spreadsheet with minimal and fundamental features for a Success API. .

WSO2 API Manager is a Complete Suite that gather all the requirements necessary to build great success stories with this platform. Among

the available components of the WSO2 API Manager, we have:

  • API Dev Portal - Portal for Consumption and Engagement of internal and external Developers who can consume their APIs.

  • API Publisher - API Publishing Interface, which is used by API Architects and Designers.

  • API Gateway - Component that communicates with your own Backends and Microservices, and creates medications. Example SOAP-REST.

  • API Key Manager - Generator component of the Access Keys with supports Oauth, JWT, OpenID etc.

  • API Traffic Manager - Control of access policies regarding restriction of access and protection of their APIs.

  • API Analytics - Component responsible for providing all statistical and analytical data on access and use of your APIs.

WSO2 API Manager Component Architecture

Expertise in API Initiatives

We support API initiatives across industries, with highlights for our Government, Finance and Retail projects.

Our work methodology is based on agile methodologies that cherish to bring quickwins to the organizations, making tanglibe investments to create projects of success.

APIs Marketplace

We help organizations deliver new digital channels of communication with partners, customers, and the entire developer market. Our methodology starts from very high productivity, reuse of all our expertise that has been working on API projects since 2013.

Open Banking

Skalena's expertise in banking solutions brings experience since 2004, through several public and private banks, accumulating more than 4000 hours of experience in the day-to-day  bank operations, passing through Architecture Systems, and also Infrastructure. By combining this expertise with APIs, Analytics and Identity Management practices, results in a great background for executing Digital Banking and Open Banking solutions and initiatives.

Open Data and Government APIs

We support API government projects at Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador. In Brazil, we are proud to have helped the most important agencies in technology to take their initiatives to the stage of production and great success, serving as a great showcase for several other organizations in the market.

WSO2 API Manager Training and Capabilities

Free Training WSO2 API Manager

Official Training WSO2 API Manager:

  • WSO2 API Manager Fundamentals

  • WSO2 Advanced API Manager

Skalena Workshops:

  • WSO2 API Manager for Devops & Sys Admins

  • Design of Microservices and Design of Cell-Based Architectures