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Soluções de Indústria

Mais que tecnologia de ponta, nós queremos entregar valor para a sociedade, queremos ajudar com impactos reais e para isso, reunimos um catálogo de soluções por indústria que sintetizam muito do nosso expertise de mais de 20 anos em consultoria e construção de grandes casos de sucesso.

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Finance & Banks

Our Solution Architectures are designed to empower a myriad of institutions to achieve advanced levels of digitalization. These encompass several fundamental disciplines that equip traditional banks to compete effectively against rising fully-digital competitors. Moreover, we also assist these burgeoning digital enterprises to further expedite their processes, enhancing the experiences of their customers, investors, and the broader community involved.

Public Sector / Government

Arguably, this is an industry where we all serve as 'customers' or users, and at some point, its services will touch our lives. While public services have seen considerable evolution in recent years, there remains ample room for growth. This includes potential for public-private partnerships and revenue generation opportunities, which could bring significant benefits to society

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Insurance Techs

Few people wake up with the thought, 'Today, I'm going to get insurance!' This reality, among others, makes the insurance industry a prime candidate for investment in customer-centric experiences. Yet, navigating market dynamics and regulatory frameworks makes this a challenging endeavor. To address this, we've crafted blueprints that facilitate understanding and implementing concepts such as Open Insurance within your organization in a manner that's agile, progressive, and transformative.

Health & Health Techs

Navigating Electronic Medical Records, blockchain in healthcare, smart contracts, evolving health plan models, applicable regulations for operators, and the necessity for interoperability with standards such as HL7, Open EHR, and FHIR presents a considerable challenge. At Skalena, we provide strategic support to organizations within this sector, including startups, to effectively address these complex aspects.

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