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Nasph API Manager is a solution that allows companies of any size to use a robust API Manager platform, without bringing a high cost inhibitor, which is one of the biggest factors why some companies have not yet adopted this type of solution. ,
API Manager for all companies and businesses

API First

Get it right the first time, that is, start by defining your contracts that will be the basis of your governance and even security against cyber attacks.

Low-Code Integrations

Tool for building integrations based on Low-Code and also very high-performance frameworks such as Apache Camel and Quarkus.


APISOps: 100% connected to the development pipeline, with extensions for the most popular CI/CD solutions on the market.

Centralized API Governance

Control and govern your APIs with a single panel, viewing aspects of dependencies, reusability, business areas involved, consumers, etc.

Kubernetes and Containers

Based on its entire conception in a lightweight and scalable model, allowing Cloud-Native practices from the beginning of development.

Road Map: Multi API Gateway

We bring our standard API Gateway, but also an agnostic driver that allows you to plug and manage different API Gateways such as Kong, AWS API Gateway, WSO2, etc.

Complete platform that allows the construction of integration services, modernization of legacies and breaking monoliths for microservices in an agile and pragmatic way, management of access keys and monitoring, and exposure of APIs in a safe way and with very high performance.

As we aim to offer a top-notch solution, we use KrakenD, the API Gateway that stands out for its excellent performance capacity, in addition to the possibility of being installed in cloud and on-premise providers.


Our solution also has all the necessary support and even the possibility of managing the operation by our team (Managed Cloud).


Designed as an API Manager solution, the platform is made up of open source products. Among the main components are:

  • Systems integration:Microservices solutions adhering to low-code paradigms, in addition to using frameworks such as SpringBoot, Apache Camel, etc.

  • Security and Key Management: Keycloak 

  • API Gateway: KrakenD

  • API Dev Portals: Extensions for Drupal, or static text like Docussaurus, Hugo, ReDoc.

  • Dashboards: Grafana and Kibana support

  • Integration with Messaging: Kafka and RabbitMQ

  • Container orchestration:Rancher 

  • Process supportDevSecOps


Migration Tools?



We develop components to support the migration of solutions,  currently we already make available our migrator ofWSO2 API Manager any version for the Nasph environment.

Alternative as API Manager solution

Nasph API Solution

Governance Center - Manager of API Gateways
In the current market, we observe that several companies have more than one API Gateway, either for reasons of acquisitions, or for choosing different BUs or Squads, for this reason our API Gateways Manager module is an incredible innovation that aims to meet this real demand. of the global market.

Built with a design based on the concept of APIs and Drivers, it is possible to connect multiple API Gateways to the Nasph Gov Center. 

​"We have created countless API projects since 2012, and with this experience we have created a differentiated solution that understands the business, dev, security, devops and devsecops teams

Nasph Engineering Team

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