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Skalena RNC

- reengineering new components

Modernizing Legacies and converting them to the Cloud-Native world, DevOps, DevSecOps, GitOps, APIs and Microservices.

Our methodology and strategy is based on the Microservices pattern:Strangling Pattern by Chris Richardson

Migration of Application Environments Oracle, ADABAS, Sybase etc to APIs


Strangling Pattern (APIs and Microservices)

Incrementally migrate a legacy system by gradually replacing specific pieces of functionality with new services and applications. As the legacy system's resources are replaced, the new system ends up replacing all of the old system's resources, strangling the old system and allowing you to shut it down.

Success Stories


Retail/E-Commerce Client

Scenario: System Developed with Delphi with Oracle


Challenge: Company acquired SAP as new ERP and Magento as E-Commerce. How to integrate with legacy data and how to efficiently expose product catalogs via REST APIs? 

Solution: With our methodology, we convert Stored Procedures and packages components into REST APIS with high productivity and reuse of components throughout the production chain. For a long time, this company had all its components in production, but over time the legacy was gradually replaced.

Start of Modernization

Request traffic is still intense in the current system (legacy), but new components are starting to be created in a new 100% Cloud-Native, Hybrid-Cloud infrastructure, with full support for DevSecOps. A small part of the traffic is differentiated on the new channels through APIs that expose this legacy data and operations. 

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