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Company that has IETF and OpenID Foundation standards for a living!

The Authlete Platform provides all the standards you need to implement a secure and interoperable infrastructure.

Supported standards make it possible to build compatible authorization servers such as Open Finance Brasil and market standards used by API gateways. In this way, Authlete allows integration with any identity and access management and API management solution.

Authelete's services save developers time and allow for more flexibility and scalability, as well as ensuring greater security.

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We are Authelete 

Would you like to go beyond an API Gateway?

To know more

During the arrival of the Covid pandemic in 2019, our engineers realized the opportunity to meet a large demand from customers who needed not only performance, but also some other components, in addition to the API Gateway, it was in this sense that we created Nasph, which combines KrakenD and some other Opensource components, which are supported by Skalena both in on-premises deployment. our SaaS or Managed Cloud offering. 

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