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Conhece o APISix com Suporte?

A solução API7 de API Management é uma plataforma abrangente projetada para facilitar o gerenciamento de APIs em ambientes de TI complexos. Ela oferece um conjunto robusto de recursos para criar, publicar, manter, monitorar e proteger APIs.


Com API7, os usuários podem gerenciar facilmente o ciclo de vida completo de suas APIs, desde o desenvolvimento até a produção.

Seu design intuitivo e fácil de usar torna-a acessível para desenvolvedores de diferentes níveis de habilidade, promovendo uma integração mais rápida e eficiente de serviços de API em qualquer infraestrutura de TI.


Introducing the
API7 API Management

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and effective API management has never been more crucial. With API7 and APISix, you have the perfect tools to stay ahead of the competition.

The Apache APISix project gained a lot of notoriety for being an open source version that supports numerous initiatives in the global market, and through API7 it is possible for mission-critical customers to have all corporate support, service SLA, consultancy and training from both API7, as well as Skalena, which is its official partner in Brazil. 






Plugins and Extensions


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How can APISix help your organization?

🚀Accelerated performance: Improve your API responsiveness and ensure your users enjoy a smooth experience.

🔐Trust:When it comes to security, API7 and APISix are at the forefront, protecting your data and that of your customers.

💡Constant innovation:Both products are constantly evolving, always bringing the best and latest features on the market.

Join the group of global customers who have obtained numerous benefits from using the API7 platform:


Do you want to have a free API7/APISix workshop?

In an increasingly connected world, mastering API tools has become not just useful, but essential. With API7 and APISix, companies are employing powerful solutions to optimize their connectivity and ensure efficient service delivery.

Why not take the next step and ensure your team knowsto API7/APiSix? 

We can offer you, and your company, the exclusive opportunity to participate in a free workshop on API7 and APISix. Our goal? Provide you with the essential fundamentals of these tools in a practical and engaging way.

Benefits of the Workshop:

  • Deep understanding of both platforms, enabling more effective implementation.

  • Live demos of key features and functions, ensuring your team knows how to make the most of each feature.

  • Interactive sessions where your team can ask questions and get clarification in real time.

  • Support material, so that learning continues even after the workshop has concluded.

By empowering your team with the appropriate knowledge, you not only optimize daily operations, but also position yourself as a market leader, prepared to face the challenges of the current digital scenario.

Qualification for this Workshop will depend on the qualification of the opportunity and initiative you have in your company.

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