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Canvas API


API Canvas is available through  Creative Commons. We at Skalena, following these innovations and trends  to bring improvements to the construction of APIs, we bring to the market the applicability of this Canvas, which was originally created to define business and winning strategies of companies that caused a great positive impact in organizations.

API Value Proposition

API Value Proposition aims to bring the connection between API Providers and API Consumers, taking into account the discovery of pains, aligning with the gains and benefits offered by APIs.

Understand if your initiative of APIs makes sense or not, using agile practices and collaboration 

API Value Proposition


API Value Proposition 

  • Problem-solution fit: Directly related to fitting the consumer issue with the delivered API

  • Product-market fit: When there is acceptance by customers, who react positively to the API (value proposition perception)

  • Business model fit: When your value proposition finds a suitable business model that can be profitable and scalable

References and Theoretical Bases

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APIOPs website (

The Four Steps to the Epiphany  -PDF Link 

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