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Bringing Pragmatism to the DevOps world

The term DevOps is high on the market with numerous solutions and adepts. We started using these practices to deliver faster, higher quality WSO2 solutions. Over time, we have realized the value and agility customers gain by embracing this culture and the agile style of delivering quality software. 

We have the ability to support companies to follow safe paths in Transformation rather than Digital, but in Cultural Transformation to reach good practices and great results of success.

We have structured several practices that allow you to:

  • Replatform of Applications

    • Migrate Monoliths that run on Java Application servers that need to be migrated to be run through Microservices, which can be written in SpringBoot and run from a Docker container, orchestrated by a Kubernetes or OpenShift.

  • Accelerated Application Development (Low Code)

    • Create applications reducing about 70-80% of your time and fully connected to a DevOps process, which passes through a Git version driver, which has Jenkins pipelines that undergo integrator testing, that pass through all the security control of docker images, until they go into production on a cluster of managed services on-premises or cloud.

More than Tools: DevOps is a Culture

Many customers have questions about how to implement a good process of adopting DevOps, some important points to consider:

  • How to associate DevOps with your development process like Scrum and other agile methods

  • The importance of a collaborative culture between teams

  • Fail fast ... Fix it even faster

  • Integration and Continuous Deliveries (CI / CD) associated with existing change management

  • Pipelines Integration, Testing and Automation

  • Infrastructure as code

  • Test Methodologies (TDD)

  • Agile and Scalable Infrastructure: Microservices, APIs, Containers (Docker), Kubernetes

  • Transaction Tracking / Telemetry and Troubleshooting

  • Integrated Release Management (Canary Release)

  • Among others

What do we do in Skalena for DevOps? We try to understand what organizations have at home before any step. For companies accustomed to Opensource, there are fantastic solution stacks; for others, there are already integrated alternatives from providers such as Microsoft (Azure Devops), Atlassian, Gitlab etc. Everything will depend on what is important for the client to make such decisions, we can do a 4 or 8 hour assessment at no cost to understand how your organization operates and then indicate what is most appropriate in terms of next steps.