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​Inspect, Scan and Protect all your APIs

The 42Crunch  Platform offers a unique set of integrated tools that uncover and fix vulnerabilities in APIs, and protect in real time attacks that your initiative, marketplace or API channel may suffer.

What the market says about:

"83% of the world's Internet traffic passes through APIs"

—  Tony Lauro, Akamai

​Skalena: 42Crunch Distributor

Complementing its portfolio and solution stack, Skalena brings to our market the 42Crunch platform, which can be consumed on-premises, or as a service, while still supporting any API solution environment, regardless of the API Management solution, or API Gateway, with possibilities to run in public cloud environments, Docker Kubernetes, OpenShift etc.. 

Who might be interested in this Solution?

Any and every company that has its marketplace, API portal, micro-services that can be consumed must be in a solution like a 42Crunch. Unlike a traditional Web Application Firewall, 42Crunch brings all the arsenal of policies, remediation, real-time analysis of attacks to your APIs initiative. 

As an agnostic view, from the point of view of integration with existing solutions, 42Crunch is the missing solution for changing your schedule of DevSecOps, SREs, Developers and business.

Deploy in any model and architecture

It will use an architecture based on API-Gateway, or even Sidecars (Service-Mesh), the 42Crunch platform, guarantees all policies needed to ensure the integrity and prevention of attacks of yorurs APIs.

​Would you like to do a test-drive on the platform yourself?

f you have an initiative and meet our prerequisites, we can help you create a test environment, pilots, proof of concept for your project, or you can see a little of what you can do in the portal:  https://apisecurity.io/tools/audit/

You can see some of the benefits of the platform already in action with its Open API v2 file


We want to support you:

We would like to help you understand your need and support you in a roadmap of how to build safe API initiatives from the beginning, or even perform an assessment on your already-in-the-pipeline initiative, talk to us.